Windows XP on N73

I found a great video on Symbian-freak. It shows the N73 with a kind of Windows XP skin.It was made by Adobe’s flash light.Jump over to read more about it.

Source: Symbian-freak


~ by Norman John on June 5, 2007.

21 Responses to “Windows XP on N73”

  1. just a flash movie not realy the os on thr n73

  2. Yes I know.However,it looks great

  3. thankssssssssss

  4. hi how do i download os for ma n73

  5. Can you send me that app? please
    please because I need it

  6. I think Norman doesn’t have this file. Please ask Teo from

  7. Where can I download it???

  8. I want this. Where i can download??pls.. pm me at

  9. hi… can u pLs send me that application…
    pLs…. thank’s…

  10. send me the installer at

  11. i think that it’s real!i think that i found this program….but i am not sure…..

  12. tanga

  13. hey guys you can download this app on the site from Symbian-freak
    the price is 9,95 $ and that is not good need open source 🙂

  14. thanksssssss

  15. want that 🙂

  16. please sent me xp theme for n73

  17. Hello dear
    Can u send me this application now please

  18. send me the installer at

  19. อยาดได้ครับ

  20. Ignit’d’l’d.likil’m.jjj.immig

  21. i want windows xp os for my n73

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