Debate: N95 vs. E90

N95 vs E90

Abbas Reza proposes that the Nokia N95 is more converged and more convenient than the much vaunted new E90 Communicator. Steve Litchfield replies in the E90’s defense, but concedes that Abbas makes some excellent points along the way…

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~ by Norman John on May 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “Debate: N95 vs. E90”

  1. The comparison is uncalled for as d two have different targetted users. E90 goes for corporate outlook & an official disposition coupled with a touch of class, detailed browsing, easier text & e-mail while N95 is entertaining, jazzy & hip but depicting high profile & taste plus great pics, video & sound. Both are highly functional and top in their categories. The pity of it is that some of us wear d two caps. AND I MAY END UP BUYING BOTH FOR DIFFERENT OCCATIONS.

  2. Am not anonymous. Am Mide Wilson. My comments are as aforesaid. And I will be buying both.

  3. If I could afford both, I certainly would by them. Bust since I do not, currently I am thinking to exchange my N95 for a E90.

  4. A year on and I still cant get a mobile phone better than my N95 considering function

  5. Minus d batt life N95 is yet to be overtaken. Bought Samsung i780 cos of its 2 batts. Grt fone but had to dump it for my N95

  6. Am considering Moto Q9h for its Win. 6 (like d i780 which has a mouse) but its batt life is also poor. SAD!!!

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