Audiotest:N95 vs. N91 8Gb vs. N73ME

Most of the phones selling today can play back MP3.
But not every MP3 phone is a real musicphone.Thinks like the manageable of the musicplayer,space or audiofrequency play a big role for consumers.Therefore I put together a little review about the audiofrequency of 3 Nokia musicphones:The N95 with his multimedia-keys and his 3,5mm jack,the N73 in the music edition and the N91 also with musickeys,3,5mm jack and 8 Gb HDD.


The audiofrequency is almost linear.Only in the altitude are some waves.


There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.


By high volume(90%) is the frequency really wavy(red line) what mean that the sound is really unbalanced.By normal volume the sound is neutral and with a little bit less bass.


The N91 is indisputable the best musicphone.You can save more than 2000 MP3 on the N91 and hear them with every headphones.
The N73 has a good audiofrequency but unfortunately it hasn’t a 3.5mm jack.Nokia says,that the N95 is “your MP3”.Yes,it’s your MP3 but not your iPOD,therefor is the audiofrequency to bad.But in all other aspect is the N95 with the multimediakeys and the 3.5mm jack a good musicphone where roome is for improvement.


~ by Norman John on May 24, 2007.

34 Responses to “Audiotest:N95 vs. N91 8Gb vs. N73ME”

  1. I have the pictures from

  2. Just out of interest what firmware version was N95 on, using it I think that the 11 firmware has made some improvements over the 10 firmware. It certainly sounds better to me (or maybe I have got used to the sound). Be nice for you to do this same test on both firmwares.

  3. […] The guys over at the Symbianworld blog have put together a great post, putting the Nseries music enabled mobile devices N91 8GB, N95 and N73 music edition, up against each other in an audio frequency test. […]

  4. Actually the N73 Music Edition has an adaptor that runs from the pop-port to a music adaptor that has controls for playback. From this adaptor it allows for a 3.5mm plug

  5. Wow… good review for the gadget tool, I think many gadget have much feature especially in entertainment (Music, video, Camcorder, connectivity and other…). Thanks…

  6. The N91 HAS to be better than N95. The background noise on N95 is simply way over the top.. A joke really

  7. I owned a w800,a w850 then a nokia n91 now i have an n95!!
    the only draw back for the n95 its that they do not sound as good as the n91!!! if tomorow nokia wants to leave behind the other companys they must bring the n91 audio quality to the n95!!!

  8. Yes,you are right.

    They have too put the function of the N95 and the sound of the N91 together.

  9. Frequency response is but ONE aspect of audio quality.

    Noise Floor Level
    Channel Sepparation

    Anyway, I agree with the results 🙂 but I just thought that in order to provide a more accurate picture as to why the N91 is better you need to show all the other aspects that contribute to the audio quality.

  10. N95 firmwire 11..has solved all the problems wid N95…and N95 right nw has the best sound quality and N95 has the best sound in all aspects..

  11. YOu should really try a N91 and Nokia 5700 shootout being the same DSP rolls in both LINK and i tried testing them both useing a line in to voltameter and i got that the N91 punchs out almost the same amps as the Nokia 5700 only a little higher

  12. That’s a good idea.In the next days I will post a new test with the 5700.

  13. yea plzz do that i really wanna see where my 5700 stands…….and if possible also compare 3250 (my older fone)

    thanx a tonne

  14. So, I think I will post the review on sunday.

    N91 8GB vs. 5700

  15. whoa !!



    u rock !!

  16. Np.
    I do everything for my readers 😉

  17. 😦 its monday now

    u didnt post the comparison 😦

  18. Hey.
    This weekend I had no time because I had a match and I written some post for my german blog.

    I will post it in these days.

    So,I`m sorry.

  19. ohkie……i’ll w8 ….thanx 😀

    cheers !!

  20. So today which phone has a bwetter sound? N95 or N91 ??

  21. can u pls explain y the frequency of the N91 is much better than the above freq. of N73 ME?is it because the wave in the bass and tonic area? thank you so mch in advance..

  22. Hallo, I have an N95 too and the hissing in the background is terrible, especially when I hear classical songs or songs with not so loud passages you can throw away the n95!The hissing is heard both in the loudspeaker and in earphones, too. Is there any fix to this problem? Is it a hardware or software problem?this is really a shame to nokia, N91 and N73 is no hissing to hear…

  23. Hi, Is there anybody knows which audio decoder chip used by N91 8G?

  24. Any chance of an update with the N81 8GB, N91 8GB & N95 8GB. Would be very helpful in choosing my next phone, which will probably be one of these.

  25. Hey.
    I dont know. I have to ask my buddys over at connect. I try my best but I can’t promise anything 😉

  26. which phone is best
    reply me or send me msg on 9818917226.

  27. How about N95 8GB audio quality compared to N95. Any improvement?

  28. no. the n95 8gb has the same awful hissing…

  29. so the nokia n73 he the mobile phone music the most god of world?

  30. My n95 8gb sound awful and the volume is low!
    My father’s 5310 Express Music is simply incredible, very “powerful” sound even with low sens. headphones, no distortion, no noise etc.
    I’m very unsatisfied with my n95 mp3 player , also my old n70 sounds better!

    I have buy it 1 week ago, the firmware version is:
    10.0.021 (Tim Brand)

  31. To put it simply, N91 is mp3 player with a smartphone while n95 is a smartphone with a music player

  32. Let me shed some light into this.
    I love my n73 back and it the best ever sounding device i’ve ever heard. N73 black comes with a 3.5mm port on its remote, so we are free to connect our favourate phones.
    The only catch about n73 is that bundeled earphones are crapppy.
    I buyed Creative Ep-630 (just like the ones bundles with hi-end sony W series) and it sounded heavenly!

  33. floop idea..lolz

  34. nice information..

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