E61i: Review (part 1)

Ewan Spence over  Allaboutsymbian wrote the first part of his E61i review.Topic of the review is the physical changes and improvements.

Jump over and say him what you think.

Source: Allaboutsymbian


~ by Norman John on May 2, 2007.

One Response to “E61i: Review (part 1)”

  1. This is an absolutely fantastic BUSINESS phone!
    As a freak of the smartphones/PDAs that I am, Ive had the XDAMini, the Treo 750, the 9300i, the P910i, the N80, etc …even the first S60 (back then) the 7650! But I must say Nokia really (FINALLY rather) hit the bullseye with the E61i…
    The only things I believe needs improving is the screen’s “backlight” that could be brighter (specially when in a sunny place), and the numbers (on the keyboard) that could be clearer (not with that blue backround that makes them difficult to read when the backlight is on when you are in a place that really isnt that dark, because they are “written” in silver… not even in white…)
    So, as I see it, Nokia have 2 final “challanges” to achive: BY WHEN A TOUCHSCREEN, and a device that charges also out of the USB!? (I mean, COME ON! …the E61i is a business phone!)

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