Picture: N95 vs. 6680

Yesterday my buddy from Vodafone called and said me that they have the N95.Of course I went immediately to my buddy to test the N95.

That was my second time that I saw the N95 live and it was a great feeling. I have shot some picture with the N95 and my 6680.The pictres of the N95 are fantastic. They are sharply and realy color-faithfully.




~ by Norman John on April 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Picture: N95 vs. 6680”

  1. whoa…….of course n95’s pictures are more colorful……more sharp ….have more details

    but 6680’s image was smoother !!

    was that n95 a prototype or smthing ?

  2. It isn`t a proto, it`s normal N95…

  3. ohh ohkay…….but tats strange tho…….lol

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